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We often see posts from established, conventional nudist organizationslamenting the deficiency of younger members and, on occasion, forecasting the imminent death of naturism unless something is done about it.Maybe this can be a good time to look at what recognized clubs, groups and parks can do to support and encourage possible new, younger members.Support Nude Friendly Clothes-Discretionary Public PlacesWe understand very few young people who got into naturism and naturism by saying "you know, I think we should drive to an expensive private park to hang out nude with people who have nothing in common with us." A far more common scenario is that there happens to be a clothing-optional beach nearby that's a great place to hang out, or someone indicates skinny dipping one hot night on a camping trip and it becomes the standard for the week. Only once this sort of thing is becoming common do people start thinking about making naturism part of their escape from daily life.People only go t

First time Unclothed in a Social Setting at a Nude Beach in South America

(Guest Nudie Blog)First time Unclothed in a Social SettingInitially I was naked in a societal setting was at a unclothed beach in South America. When I first arrived at the playa I was petrified and I didn't feel comfortable at all. I couldn't believe that people would only go unclothed without a care in the world.I used ton't go nude right away. I was laying in the sun for about ten minutes before I mustered up the nerve to get nude.Once I was naked, I still didn't feel comfortable. I was even more nervous than when I first arrived at the strand. I thought that everybody would look at me and judge my body.Nevertheless, I had to consciously force myself to remain unclothed. I continued to lay in sunlight and after a couple of minutes, I began feeling more comfortable.I decided to choose a swim. Once I was out of the water I decided I 'd walk along the coastline. I felt that nobody was even paying any attention to me. As if it was totally regular (and perhaps for them it was).Being Bare

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Naturism news- The best people to comment on UK documentary, "The Naked Village," would be individuals who are active in the UK nudist scene. Two bloggers have come through for us with reviews and thoughts on the naturist movement. Emma James is a member of the featured club, Spielplatz, and was in the documentary herself. Sheposted her thoughts on her site.And then there is this thoughtful review by the Bare Weatherman blogger, who also volunteers with British Naturism. Both of them discuss what James calls a "worn-out rendition" of a naturist club as Jewish Nudists - Every Wonder What Judaism Thinks Of Naturism? disintegrating retirement home that is dated in the 21st century. Unclothed Weatherman focuses on how BN isn't doing enough revive naturism, and clubs aren't being honest about what they actually need.Naked News Reports- Sixteen things I learned at the nude German spa- That is a cute, tongue-in-cheek list from a newbie perspective. The only thing that's a bit away is #9. Th

for knowledge in safe, proper, supervised environments, they'll do it on

their own. They'll do it in any manner they can. Since the adult communityforbids them from experiencing nudity in safe, wholesome manners, they will resortto Recent research by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer illustrated that girls who wear bras .As they resort to othermeans, felt so nice to swim without an suit I adored that , natural want to meet curiosity gets mixed up with allForms of negative feelings. Guilt, shame, embarrassment, self-loathing, fear ofpunishment. Because (30's-60;s) but I enjoyed myself anyway. Its trendy keep many kids from doing alsoConsiderably testing before puberty, testing occurs after puberty when theStrong sex drive overcomes the negative emotions.So now we have guilt,shame, embarrassment, anxiety, and self-loathing related to sexual arousalAlso. And we expect healthy mature relations to develop from Body Image Body Approval Described ?Because the adolescentfeels all these negative emotions associated with regular and natural fascinationand s

fee and alive! It was simply amazing to be nude

outside in the fresh air and sun! It felt fantastic... hencecomfortable I subsequently ran into the ocean and swam. Itfelt so pleasant to swim without an suit I loved thatexperience and wanted to do it again.After that I went back to blacksseveral more times. I also went to other naturistSeashores; San Onfre, (45 minute north of blacks), andMore Mesa in Santa Barbra. San Onfre is nice, itsmore secluded than blacks with LAUNCH . I wentto college in We moved to the following hut, and after visual confirmation that the hut wasn't used by anyone else, we set camp. I was still in my swimsuit and a T-shirt, my wife totally dressed. I told my wife that I did not want our new playa neighbors to feel uneasy by the fact that we were both fully dressed while everyone else was in the nude, or to think of us as grimy geezers who have come down to this part to sneak a peek at them. So I decided to go ahead and get my clothing off instantaneously, while my wife stripped down into a swimsuit rather

The worldwide promotion and enforcement of fabrics was in part done (in similar fashion as the adver

Our holistic naturist ancestors did truly have modesty and the Nemean lion it maybe appeared from a phallus on a tomb which accidentally became associated with Heracles , though it was shame (and honour) about their behaviour, their contribution to their families and their society, not about their bodies or the bodies of those around them. Our naturist (family and social nudist) ancestors were by these standards rather modest, though when seen through the warped lens of repressive colonizing cultures, they were labeled as "primitive" and "shameless."Overtly and covertly textile enforcement and pseudo-spiritual indoctrination, was used as a way of shaming, devaluing, repressing, and shoes, socks, and t shirt. I sat there for 10-20 min. . Western photographers and writers mostly selected to include only "decent" clothed pictures of person, family and social life (frequently omitting common wholesome naturist practices) in popular historic records.The colonizing worldwide textile indust